No. 342
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
October 23, 2017
A scene taken from nature, in Kensington Gardens. [More]

A Deliberate, Damnable Murder.

William B. Baldwin Around 2:00 a.m., the morning of November 25, 1879, the citizens of Hastings, Nebraska, were awakened by frenzied cries of “fire!” The Burlington & Missouri Railroad Depot was b...
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October 20, 2017
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Foretell Your Future!

Artifact #51: Envelope to Capt Jeff Smith - "Deceased."

(Click image to enlarge) apt. Jeff Smith - DECEASED      An iconic Soapy Smith artifact symbolizing the end of his life and the end of Skagway's (spelled Skaguay) reign of the bunco l...
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The gritty appeal of a 14th Street liquors sign

The low-rise, rundown buildings on the south side of 14th Street at Eighth Avenue have slowly emptied out—the liquor store moved down the block a few years back, a restaurant closed and nothing reopen...
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1767: Tom, slave of the Baylor family

From The Baylors of Newmarket: The Decline and Fall of a Virginia Planter Family, by Thomas Katheder. The specific “Baylor” referenced in this text is John Baylor III, a slave merchandisin...
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A scene taken from nature, in Kensington Gardens. [More]
"We follow vice and folly where a police officer dare not show his head, as the small, but intrepid weasel pursues vermin in paths which the licensed cat or dog cannot enter."

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