No. 355
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
January 18, 2018

What Kind of Bald Head

Reprinted from Puck, May 17, 1882.

The Squibb Family Murder.

Scene of the Squibb Family Murder. George Snelbaker went to the farm of his grandfather, George Squibb, to borrow an auger, the morning of June 18,1866, and found the old man lying face down on ...
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January 12, 2018
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Foretell Your Future!

Creede Camp: The Great Divide Mag., May 1892.

The Great Divide Pages 50-51 (Click image to enlarge) REEDE CAMP The Great Divide Magazine, May 1892. “If you have a cut or vain in the bowels of the earth, we have the sucker.” ...
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This is Lower Manhattan as it looked in 1642

“The Great Highway” is Broadway. The “Common Ditch” was a rather filthy canal that once filled in became Broad Street. And before landfill reshaped the Lower Manhattan shorelin...
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1917: Marguerite Francillard, seamstress and spy

On this date in 1917 — with the parting cry, “Je demande pardon à la France! Vive la France!” — 18-year-old Grenoble seamstress Marguerite Francillard was shot at Paris’s...
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Lots of Lizzie in the News

Nothing new to report on the sale of Maplecroft.  The price was recently lowered but no takers so far. It’s …

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"We follow vice and folly where a police officer dare not show his head, as the small, but intrepid weasel pursues vermin in paths which the licensed cat or dog cannot enter."

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