No. 286
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
August 27, 2016


Reprinted from Puck on Wheels, Summer 1886.

Murderous North Carolina.

North Carolina's greatest murders have found their way into enduring American folk songs - not always accurate but always engaging. Poor 'Omie - The Murder of Naomi Wise -1807 The haunting fol...
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August 26, 2016
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Foretell Your Future!

"To my old friend Soapy Smith"

Close-up of the note courtesy of Wayne Selmer (Click image to enlarge) o my old friend Soapy Smith" Friend, Wayne Selmer sent me the following photograph regarding a note and some...
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A curious detective agency sign on Ninth Street

Appearing on the facade of Randall House, an apartment building at 63 East Ninth Street, is this very noir-ish and mysterious sign. It’s for the William J. Burns Detective Agency. Who was Willia...
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1792: Arnaud de La Porte

Ancien regime minister Arnaud de La Porte was guillotined on this date in 1792* by the new order. Stock of a long line of Versailles courtiers, de La Porte (English Wikipedia entry | French) foll...
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New Lizzie Flick headed for the big screen

This is GREAT news. We have high hopes for this one with Hanks at the helm! Filed under: "Lizbits...
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"We follow vice and folly where a police officer dare not show his head, as the small, but intrepid weasel pursues vermin in paths which the licensed cat or dog cannot enter."

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